Batwoman, X-Ladies and a little bit of Bubbline

Some new pencils for convention prints- I’d forgotten how much fun fanart it! Woop!


This one’s a little convoluted, I worry- because I’m mashing up two of my favorite fandoms- Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time, dressed as Anthy and Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena, one of my very first and forever anime love. Also, I’m pretty sure these two just need to get it on in Adventure Time and get it over with. 


X-Laaaadies! From the new X-Men serial out right now. Can I tell you how happy I am about costumes for Psylock and Storm that COVER THEIR ASSES? Cause I’m pretty damn happy. Also, the Mohawk is baaaaaack and I’m psyched. 


And finally, Batwoman! She’s the only New 52 series that I really care about at the moment, but hot damn do I love Kate Cain to death and back. Still working on getting flat blacks incorporated in my work, so all three will have flats in the inkwork- cross your fingers for me!


Next is inks! 


Maybe New Painting Series?



So I was procrastinating in painting class yesterday because I didn’t want to bust out the oil paints, so I was dicking around in my sketchbook attempting to ‘work through some of my more complicated ideas’ (or so I like to tell my TA at least). And I came up with these two, and I actually kind of fell in love with the idea of them. A lot of my work lately has kind of been revolving around my relationship with my sister, both when we were little and now that we’re adults and I think this might be another way to kind of explore that. Maybe. God only knows what goes through my head and gets vomited out on the page anymore. But now I have to write an actual statement about this series, like you know, like a legitimate artist and shit.  Fuck.