I Will Get Over my Aversion to Thumbnailing

 . . . Eventually. 

I really hate it, and I don’t know why. Ever since art school it has been my least favorite part of any drawing. But I know that my work comes out better when I map it out first and don’t just spew ideas all over the page and then have to erase them and mess up my paper. So thumbnailing has to happen. Grrrrrr. 



Welcome to my attempts. Trying to sketch out pages for a comic idea and script at the same time. So far, I have sarcastic banter between a bitter witch and her demonic cat. That’s interesting right? Right? 


This is actually one of about half a dozen comic book ideas I have percolating, but since this is a new year, I’m going to try to FOCUS (like a normal human) and work on one thing at a time. And this one is the most developed, so Gypsy Witch is first in line to get maimed. 



August and Beez are two of the characters in the prologue, getting some headshots in, making sure I remember how to draw their faces correctly. Beez looks too much like Legolas right now, but it can be worked on. Eventually. And then character turn arounds, and costume refs, and actual pages. And then maybe, maybe a comic. Cross your fingers.