Happy Doodletines!

Happy Valentines Day everyone, hope it’s been a good one for all of you darlings. Mine has consisted of queso and chocolate covered strawberries. And doodles! Thought I would post up some of the sketches I’ve been hacking away at lately. 



An idea I have for maybe a large-scale print, something with some creepy pastels going on. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the kinds of secrets people keep, people watching and making up stories. 


My character Alaester from Gypsy Witch- he’s the Guardian of a Totem Bear Spirit, I’ve been trying to get him to look manly without looking to hulked out. Also, note to self: Learn how to draw bears. 


A pin-up of August for Gypsy Witch with Silas, the ghost of a seven year old boy trapped in the skull of an ancient cat. Don’t know how to finish this one yet, but I’ll figure it out. Probably. 


And lastly, my werewolf lady gettin’ all the menfolk! Gonna try to ink this one traditionally, see if my chops have gone completely rusty. 


Have a good night darlings!


A Change of Pencils


So I bought some new pencils a few days ago- mostly because I’d lost 99% of the ones I had. I’ve been trying to do a lot of digital stuff lately so my sketching had kind of fallen by the wayside. Decided to fix that, and therefore new pencils.

The only place I can walk to on my lunch break is a drafting/blueprint shop, but they have a pretty good selection of pencils and pens and writey things. I pretty much closed my eyes, stuck my hand in a bin, and bought whatever pencils I had grabbed. And the pencil gods hath smiled upon me. I’ve been churning out quite a few cool sketches and ideas, and i’m excited to keep working on them. Pretty rad what one little change can do for your creativity levels.

January Sketches

Well good evening, my dears. Hope everyone is doing well this weekend and has fun things planned. Been doing some sketching lately, thought I’d show some of the better ones of the month. Also- finally finished that birthday present! 



Which can also be seen on my Deviant Art page. 

I’m actually pretty happy with the way it turned out! Now, onto sketches. 



A lot of August, the main character of the comic I’m trying to get off the ground- still working on her tattoos, she needs more around her ribs, methinks- what about you? Also a few of a new little creature I’ve invented called a Soot Fidget- I’m quite enamored with them at the moment- they’re like tiny garbage disposals, they’ll eat anything. But their absolute favorite things to eat are gold and diamonds. They’re sneaky little buggers. The little bat child is another incarnation of Bell- the creepy kid in the painting I just finished up- in this world she owns an antique bookstore by day and assassinates people by night. I think she has a massive collection of frilly dresses too. Mostly because I like drawing frilly dresses. 

National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Apparently, this is a thing that exists. I heard it on the radio, and I guess it’s an actual thing.

So, in honor of National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, and also in honor of the fact that I am extremely bored, I have illustrated (i.e., scribbled) my attempts at delving deep into the feline psyche.