Self Portrait 2-19




It’s been a shit day. 


Snot Factory

As the title suggests, my body has decided to start producing mucus at an industrial rate, which has really been messing with my creative flow as of late. However, I have been getting a few things done, mostly at work when I should be doing other things. 



Almost done with this one, still don’t know what to put in his hands- everything I stick in there seems to look like a penis. Sigh. 




Also threw out this one today- started as a self portrait, realized it looked pretty much nothing like me, and so I continued to doodle on it just for practice with color. I liked working with the kind of limited palette in her face, but I feel like I should experiment more with getting life-like color. 


Also, I have just discovered basically everything in my fridge has gone bad. I’m thinking that’s a sign that I’m meant to eat nachos.