National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Apparently, this is a thing that exists. I heard it on the radio, and I guess it’s an actual thing.

So, in honor of National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, and also in honor of the fact that I am extremely bored, I have illustrated (i.e., scribbled) my attempts at delving deep into the feline psyche.



Snot Factory

As the title suggests, my body has decided to start producing mucus at an industrial rate, which has really been messing with my creative flow as of late. However, I have been getting a few things done, mostly at work when I should be doing other things. 



Almost done with this one, still don’t know what to put in his hands- everything I stick in there seems to look like a penis. Sigh. 




Also threw out this one today- started as a self portrait, realized it looked pretty much nothing like me, and so I continued to doodle on it just for practice with color. I liked working with the kind of limited palette in her face, but I feel like I should experiment more with getting life-like color. 


Also, I have just discovered basically everything in my fridge has gone bad. I’m thinking that’s a sign that I’m meant to eat nachos. 

Happy Birthday Golly (Also, there might be a poltergeist in my laptop.)

So, I know I said I was going to focus on comic stuff for the next long bit, but I’m taking a break to work on a painting for a dear, dear friend of mine. She’s my partner in an RP/art group, which means her character has to put up with my character all the time, as well as her having to put with me whining and rolling around and generally being a goofus most of the time. And, being the goofus that I am, I of course missed her birthday. By like, two weeks. But I’m getting this done for her, by god! 

So I finally got a sketch that I liked for her, and I started working on painting it today. When I open up photoshop and plug in my tablet, I see this: 



I notice photoshop’s a little laggy, but I keep sketching. Then, all of a sudden, my laptop goes INSANE and starts doing THIS: 




And then, if that wasn’t freaky enough, it kept doing it after I unplugged the tablet. 

For a FULL MINUTE it scribbled all over the screen. I screamed. People in my office thought I was hurt. I didn’t know how to explain this to them. The only explanation I got is poltergeists. I need the Winchesters, STAT. 

Thankfully, (after having to walk away and have a cup of coffee to keep from freaking out completely) I was able to salvage the image and keep painting. 


Super rough block-in over the sketch- I’ve been trying the method of working up a digital painting in grayscale and adding color as the last few steps. I’ve tried it on a couple pieces so far- but I tend to end up liking the grayscale version better than the color. Siiigh. 



Then a little bit more work on Sibbi’s face. (This is my friend’s beautiful baby, mine is the creepy kid up top). It feels good to be painting again, really hoping this one comes out well for my gorgeous friend Golly. 

I Will Get Over my Aversion to Thumbnailing

 . . . Eventually. 

I really hate it, and I don’t know why. Ever since art school it has been my least favorite part of any drawing. But I know that my work comes out better when I map it out first and don’t just spew ideas all over the page and then have to erase them and mess up my paper. So thumbnailing has to happen. Grrrrrr. 



Welcome to my attempts. Trying to sketch out pages for a comic idea and script at the same time. So far, I have sarcastic banter between a bitter witch and her demonic cat. That’s interesting right? Right? 


This is actually one of about half a dozen comic book ideas I have percolating, but since this is a new year, I’m going to try to FOCUS (like a normal human) and work on one thing at a time. And this one is the most developed, so Gypsy Witch is first in line to get maimed. 



August and Beez are two of the characters in the prologue, getting some headshots in, making sure I remember how to draw their faces correctly. Beez looks too much like Legolas right now, but it can be worked on. Eventually. And then character turn arounds, and costume refs, and actual pages. And then maybe, maybe a comic. Cross your fingers. 

This is Why I Own Two Million Sketchbooks.

Because I leave them absolutely everywhere.

I had a couple sketches I was going to toss up today, but, as the title of this post suggests, I am an idiot and left my sketchbook (and all my favorite pencils, thank you very much) sitting in my sister’s living room, about 300 miles from my desk. I have other sketchbooks floating around, but since that was current one, everything I have right now is old and gross. So. No sketches for you today, I’m afraid, unless I just get ridiculously inspired this afternoon and draw up a storm and no one sends faxes or mail or calls the office at all. On a Monday. After a huge holiday. Hm.

However, this weekend was wonderful because I got to hold my beautiful baby niece for the very first time. She is a wonderful little kid, with these huge peepers and long little fingers. We chilled and watched Tin Man together, it was pretty rad. So, in place of sketches today, I give you a picture of the coolest baby I’ve ever met- we call her Crumpet.  photo

2014- The Offical Year of Getting Off My Ass.

So, I’m going to put this out in the infinite blogosphere because maybe someone will read it and that guilt alone is enough to motivate me to at least attempt to finish what I’m about to start.

2013 was a rough year for me. It was my first year out of college, living on my own and attempting to make my way as an adult. It was the year I broke off a five-year relationship and called off a very expensive wedding, first in a very bad, selfish way, and then for the best of all parties involved. It was the year that I got my first 9-5 job that I have kept for almost nine months now, working with some of the best people I’ve had a chance to meet. It was the year of the new apartment, the new space that I am allowed to call my own and no one else’s, and that I continue to gunk up because I refuse to do laundry on any kind of reasonable schedule. It was the year of exploration- some good, some very bad, but all together what I needed when I needed it. It was the year when I grew up. Maybe not all the way, but I definitely moved up on that internal growth chart a few notches. It was a year of change.

But now, 2013 is behind me. So where do I go from here? During all the craziness that was the past twelve months, I feel like my artwork in all forms- my painting, my illustration, my comic work, has taken a back seat. In some ways, it had to for me to keep my sanity. But in other ways, not being able to create and move forward on projects has been driving me absolutely insane.

So this year, I’m getting off my ass. I’m going to bring my creative pursuits back to forefront of my mind. I’m going to give myself projects and deadlines and I’m going to make sure everyone knows about them so I can’t slack off or procrastinate. I’m going to fill up my illustration portfolio with beautiful, solid personal work, and then I’m going to do the same for my comics, graphic design and painting. I’m going to stop wasting time and I’m going to stop being scared of failure. Obviously, this is not going to happed in the next 48 hours. But I think maybe, if I have a whole year to work on it, I might be able to get something done.

This blog is an amazing tool and resource that I haven’t really been using as of late, and I want to change that. I’m kind of a crotchety old luddite lady when it comes to social media and digital portfolios and all those good things I need to have if I’d like to succeed at what I do. So I’m taking baby steps. And this is my first one. I want this blog to be a place for my ideas to percolate, for sketches and rants and works in progress to curl up together and fight and dance and see what happens. I also want it to be an archive, I want to see how much I can accomplish in one year. And maybe, along the way I can amuse a few denizens of this strange place we call the internet.

So I’m starting fresh. I’m giving myself permission to wipe the slate clean and begin again. And it feels great.


Until Later,