Happy Doodletines!

Happy Valentines Day everyone, hope it’s been a good one for all of you darlings. Mine has consisted of queso and chocolate covered strawberries. And doodles! Thought I would post up some of the sketches I’ve been hacking away at lately. 



An idea I have for maybe a large-scale print, something with some creepy pastels going on. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the kinds of secrets people keep, people watching and making up stories. 


My character Alaester from Gypsy Witch- he’s the Guardian of a Totem Bear Spirit, I’ve been trying to get him to look manly without looking to hulked out. Also, note to self: Learn how to draw bears. 


A pin-up of August for Gypsy Witch with Silas, the ghost of a seven year old boy trapped in the skull of an ancient cat. Don’t know how to finish this one yet, but I’ll figure it out. Probably. 


And lastly, my werewolf lady gettin’ all the menfolk! Gonna try to ink this one traditionally, see if my chops have gone completely rusty. 


Have a good night darlings!


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