Happy Birthday Golly (Also, there might be a poltergeist in my laptop.)

So, I know I said I was going to focus on comic stuff for the next long bit, but I’m taking a break to work on a painting for a dear, dear friend of mine. She’s my partner in an RP/art group, which means her character has to put up with my character all the time, as well as her having to put with me whining and rolling around and generally being a goofus most of the time. And, being the goofus that I am, I of course missed her birthday. By like, two weeks. But I’m getting this done for her, by god! 

So I finally got a sketch that I liked for her, and I started working on painting it today. When I open up photoshop and plug in my tablet, I see this: 



I notice photoshop’s a little laggy, but I keep sketching. Then, all of a sudden, my laptop goes INSANE and starts doing THIS: 




And then, if that wasn’t freaky enough, it kept doing it after I unplugged the tablet. 

For a FULL MINUTE it scribbled all over the screen. I screamed. People in my office thought I was hurt. I didn’t know how to explain this to them. The only explanation I got is poltergeists. I need the Winchesters, STAT. 

Thankfully, (after having to walk away and have a cup of coffee to keep from freaking out completely) I was able to salvage the image and keep painting. 


Super rough block-in over the sketch- I’ve been trying the method of working up a digital painting in grayscale and adding color as the last few steps. I’ve tried it on a couple pieces so far- but I tend to end up liking the grayscale version better than the color. Siiigh. 



Then a little bit more work on Sibbi’s face. (This is my friend’s beautiful baby, mine is the creepy kid up top). It feels good to be painting again, really hoping this one comes out well for my gorgeous friend Golly. 


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