This is Why I Own Two Million Sketchbooks.

Because I leave them absolutely everywhere.

I had a couple sketches I was going to toss up today, but, as the title of this post suggests, I am an idiot and left my sketchbook (and all my favorite pencils, thank you very much) sitting in my sister’s living room, about 300 miles from my desk. I have other sketchbooks floating around, but since that was current one, everything I have right now is old and gross. So. No sketches for you today, I’m afraid, unless I just get ridiculously inspired this afternoon and draw up a storm and no one sends faxes or mail or calls the office at all. On a Monday. After a huge holiday. Hm.

However, this weekend was wonderful because I got to hold my beautiful baby niece for the very first time. She is a wonderful little kid, with these huge peepers and long little fingers. We chilled and watched Tin Man together, it was pretty rad. So, in place of sketches today, I give you a picture of the coolest baby I’ve ever met- we call her Crumpet.  photo


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