Maybe New Painting Series?



So I was procrastinating in painting class yesterday because I didn’t want to bust out the oil paints, so I was dicking around in my sketchbook attempting to ‘work through some of my more complicated ideas’ (or so I like to tell my TA at least). And I came up with these two, and I actually kind of fell in love with the idea of them. A lot of my work lately has kind of been revolving around my relationship with my sister, both when we were little and now that we’re adults and I think this might be another way to kind of explore that. Maybe. God only knows what goes through my head and gets vomited out on the page anymore. But now I have to write an actual statement about this series, like you know, like a legitimate artist and shit.  Fuck.


Sorry for the Hiatus

I know, I know, there was supposed to be a new monster girl every day. Well, I’m getting back into the rhythm and I’m going to get them all finished, this month just got a little out of hand. Between shopping with my mother, sexual frustration and art block, I’ve been a bit busy. But, now I will return you to your regularly scheduled disaster.