Day 3- Slime Pin-Up Girl


Day 3 of the Monster Girl Challenge- Slime

Okay so I have no idea how to draw a Slime Girl. No clue whatsoever. So this is my attempt. She looks more like a Bettie Paige wannabe amoeba, but we’re just gonna go with it. Tomorrow is Naga, which may or may not be easier- at least I can reference a real animal again, instead of Osmosis Jones. 

You gotta admit though, for a blue slushy thing, she came out kinda cute. I think it’s the bows.



Day 2 of the Mo…



Day 2 of the Monster Girl Challenge- Rockabilly Centaur.

I had fun with her, even though I had to run through like, three different references before I found a horse body that I could actually draw. Oh well- at least she kind of looks like a horse. Le sigh. Next up is the Naga, I think? God knows how that’s going to go. Stay tuned.

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge- Day 1, Harpy

Day 1 of the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge

I figured I’d start this blog off with a continuing project, so I have some kind of motivation to actually see it all the way through. I’m attempting the 30 Day Monster Girl challenge, where I have to complete a piece a day for thirty days, according to the theme of the day. I finished this last night, but we’re gonna count it for today- meet my Harpy. I think all my monster ladies might end up with a kind of supernatural Mad Max feel, just because that’s what I’ve been really digging on lately. But we shall see- thirty days is a long time.

Tomorrow is Centaur- I draw horses about as well as I draw mecha, which is to say, not at all. So that’ll be fun.